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Have any companies fashioned the digital generation more than Google and Facebook? For higher or worse, it’s now potentially no longer you’re studying this text with out interacting with their merchandise. Since its foundation in 1998, Menlo Park-headquartered Google has gained the search engine battle so consummately that it’s now a verb. As of late it has so many wings that as soon as this creator googled “google wings,” the major consequence became a drone offer company called Skim, owned by Google mother or father Alphabet.

Google Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, and Google Pixel are unbiased correct four of dozens of ventures into which the sizable has strayed—few of them unsuccessfully. Clearly, one might maybe argue that Google hasn’t frequently lived as much as its core “don’t be gross” message. However it has now no longer steadily ever taken a moonshot and missed (“moonshot” is a term adopted by Google for its most ambitious projects, duh).

Facebook might maybe be the relative toddler here, having been founded in 2004. Few would argue it has fashioned society any lower than its neighbor, alternatively. The platform, whose mother or father company became final year renamed Meta, now has nearly three billion users in each and every nation on Earth. As an different of pursue Google’s in-out expansion, Facebook has bolstered its rep innovation by shopping for other social media platforms, the biggest of which might maybe be WhatsApp and Instagram.

Facebook has come below heavy fire for political manipulation, detest speech, and other antitrust concerns. Yet its founder Imprint Zuckerberg has unbiased now no longer too prolonged ago put of abode his eyes on an altogether varied goal: Web3. Facebook’s pursuit of wearables and the “metaverse” has confounded as important as furious. Let’s preserve a explore at how both companies discuss their newest utopian imaginative and prescient.



Google is an organization pinned on innovation, whether that entails AR glasses, self-driving cars, or spaceships. Unsurprisingly, it chooses to talk this by strategy of its rep company YouTube, which racks up billions of millions of views. Its Yr in Search—an emotion-encumbered roundup of the year’s records—is an Recordsdata superhighway fixture.

Projects admire Maps, Books, and Earth feel admire digital updates to the Library of Alexandria and the cartography of Marco Polo. Nonetheless, maybe the company’s major advertising innovation is the usage of websites admire Media Labs as big white papers. They offer tutorials, stats, and substances to digital entrepreneurs free of price. Thus Google can act as a paternal on-line resolve and tell users to pay-to-play merchandise.

Since its 2004 foundation, Facebook has sought much less to innovate outright than tweak and plod things onto its unparalleled social media providing. In consequence, even its branding has changed very tiny. Acquisitions of platforms admire WhatsApp and Instagram are much less innovative than they are makes an strive to monopolize the social media industry by gobbling up competitors. Its advertising displays this. Remaining September’s YouTube campaign No longer Losing My Twenties, created by Portland company Wieden+Kennedy, bagged unbiased correct 42,000 views. A equally-timed Google Maps collaboration with the Navajo Nation has nearly 900,000.

WINNER: Google


Google’s YouTube impart is an unending barrage of interesting impart. Its evocative 2019 campaign 100 Billion Words, which aired at The Huge Sport, managed to imbue a translation program with sufficient emotion. It does quirky nicely, too, with adverts admire 2010’s Scamper Test that pitted Chrome towards a potato strapped correct into a wacky Rube Goldberg Machine.


Imprint Zuckerberg in total locations himself, Steve Jobs-kind, within the center of Facebook’s campaigns, which can in total feel a tiny bit stilted. Yet October’s ambitious pivot to the metaverse has introduced about the company to fetch more inventive. Meta aired a extraordinary ad at this year’s Aesthetic Bowl: an animatronic canines became thrown in a trash compactor sooner than being saved by a Quest 2 particular person. Too tiny for this contest, but a step in a more innovative—if irregular—path.

WINNER: Google

Social Savvy

Because the planet’s main social media impress, it’d be mad for Facebook now to no longer be socially savvy. Taking a explore at the posts on its respectable Instagram and WhatsApp channels, it’s determined the company is aware of precisely who its users are.

In 2016, Facebook Stay courted movie smartly-known particular person hook-united states of americawith over 100 deals. Since then, it has targeted on particular person-led campaigns, plucking influencers and others from relative obscurity.

WhatsApp’s recent hook-up with Nigerian-Greek NBA smartly-known particular person Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Lagosian kind condominium Publish Imperial, exemplifies its targeting of users in Africa and other excessive-population, low-earnings markets. Likewise, Instagram’s IG story is a whistlestop world tour of influencers, from Korea to Kuwait.

Google’s rep Google+ platform can maintain shuttered in 2019, but its social media presence someplace else hasn’t slowed. Google Arts and Custom substances a raft of video games, quizzes, articles, and film smartly-known particular person campaigns, collectively with one with actors Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson, and Ryan Reynolds, aired on Instagram and other platforms.

WINNER: Facebook


No matter its recent Web3 plans, Facebook might maybe be the king of consistency in Silicon Valley. Even its iconic cobalt-and-white logo has barely changed since the platform became a like a flash-hashed university mosey-off. There is scarcely a human being on Earth who doesn’t be taught Facebook’s impress. Given the reality that its particular person negative dipped final year for the major time ever, that couldn’t be all unbiased correct.

Google’s crimson, yellow, inexperienced, and blue logo has remained iconic with out reference to tons of tweaks, innovations, mosey-offs, and widgets. Its motto “don’t be gross” might maybe appear a reasonably low merely bar, and the company demoted it to the relief of its code of habits. However it belies a profound message referring to the company’s advertising as a benign force, working within the background with a at ease advertising sing. Imagine the Google Doodle or the at ease editorial of Think with Google and other start-source portals aimed at specialists.

All of which is beefy. However for consistency that hasn’t sacrificed a shred of impress title consciousness, Facebook unbiased correct about shades this round.

WINNER: Facebook


Facebook’s affect as an organization is ghastly (and now no longer frequently determined: some issue that coups, corruption, and violence from Myanmar to Mexico maintain been suggested or enhanced by the platform’s exercise). However as a advertising machine, the company leans too exhausting on the omniscient image of its founder, and its video and film smartly-known particular person campaigns can feel a tiny bit underwhelming. Gambling on the metaverse might maybe peaceable see the company adopt a more commensurately fearless advertising perspective. And as platforms admire TikTok threaten its core change, quiz more off-piste exercise of influencers and impress ambassadors from establishing worldwide locations.

Google has proven that it’s a ways the more innovative and consummate advertising performer. From Google Doodles to moonshots and the sponsorship of science competitions, the company is frequently having a explore forward and building a futurist impress image. Add to that its a total bunch of a success and inventive video campaigns, and there can only be one winner of this contest.

WINNER: Google

Winner: Google, 3-2

Google and Facebook maintain changed our world without end, but in wildly contrasting programs. Nonetheless, when it involves advertising, we engage Google’s frigid self perception underpinned by sufficient conversation innovation over Facebook’s shouty-but-oftentimes-at a loss for phrases messaging. It might maybe possibly in total seem admire Facebook is advertising to social media metrics, whereas Google is speaking to a important wider sense of wonderment with its main-edge tech.

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