The 10-Step Checklist to Repurpose Order material into Highly fantastic Sales Battlecards


Sales teams face intense tension to attract on the present time’s facts-hungry patrons. Over 60 percent of all patrons accept as true with already accomplished their very have learn on your company, your products, and your competitors sooner than they even focus on with you. Therefore, sales teams decide to accept as true with the honest data and data at their fingertips when talking to capacity customers.

Sales battlecards provide that very critical data successfully, helping sales reps terminate extra affords. And one approach to abolish extra linked and extremely fantastic battlecards is by repurposing advertising and marketing articulate. The advertising and marketing crew has already accomplished the heavy lifting to electrify the articulate and is wisely-versed in the sales funnel, so their work will seemingly be a honest initiating point for battlecards.

Whenever you’re no longer sure where to initiating up, we’ve written this checklist that’ll let you repurpose any articulate into extremely fantastic sales battlecards—whether or no longer you abolish it your self or accept as true with the advertising and marketing crew support. However first, here’s a transient reminder about what battlecards are.

What are battlecards?

Battlecards are concise compilations comparing a company’s products, services and products, formulation, and pricing to one or many competitors. They’re a transient reference sales enablement plot that reps can use when speaking or on the point of focus on over with capacity customers. They support sales heed how their company positions itself, and the design it compares to the market in severe areas patrons care about, such as efficiency, cost, and price.


Battlecard formats vary from company to company, but they’re on the total a one-pager stuffed with lists, charts, data, and short statements that like a flash articulate treasured data. Assuredly speaking, battlecards comprise the next data:

  • Market overviews
  • Purpose customers, markets, segments, and opportunities
  • Competitor prognosis and comparability
  • Customer- and section-explicit cost propositions
  • Answers to commonplace objections
  • Success tales illustrated with data and product benefits

The higher the battlecard, the higher the potentialities that sales teams will beat the competition and purchase extra affords. Getting battlecards honest can mean the distinction between a success and shedding a deal. And in the B2B market, that will seemingly be hundreds and hundreds or even hundreds and hundreds of greenbacks.

One approach to develop the associated charge of your battlecards while reducing the time and effort it takes to abolish them is by repurposing existing advertising and marketing articulate for them. The advertising and marketing crew has already accomplished the bulk of the learn for them and is wisely-actual to crafting concise and extremely fantastic cost-ahead reproduction that’ll support the sales crew terminate affords. Repurposing also frees time to your sales crew to accommodate what they abolish most lively.

Why advertising and marketing is primed to repurpose articulate for battlecards

As of late’s buyer does tons of reading and learn sooner than ever talking to sales. In accordance with some numbers, 60 percent of patrons preserve to focus on over with sales most lively after researching their alternate choices and drafting a shortlist. Which design that the advertising and marketing crew has already been “speaking” to patrons sooner than reaching out to sales. They’ve been researching the market and competitors, discovering potentialities’ barriers, and studying what to articulate to persuade them to reach out to sales. Which potential that, marketers accept as true with the abilities to expose info and figures into the industry benefits that persuade folk.

Plus, they’re already consultants at repurposing articulate from one structure to one other for articulate advertising and marketing campaigns. They will use those linked abilities to repurpose articulate into vital battlecards for tons of sales segments, channels, competitors, and extra. Entrepreneurs heed the sales funnel and are outdated to aligning articulate and reproduction with it, obedient take care of sales. So why no longer leverage this ready-to-use resource and its linked data for sales battlecards?


To let you compose the transition, we’ve created a checklist you would perchance presumably well maybe presumably additionally use when repurposing articulate into sales battlecards. It’ll streamline the process, align the cards with sales necessities and targets, and lower the time to assemble them.

A 10-step checklist to repurpose articulate into sales battlefront cards

  1. Know the design your sales crew sells: While advertising and marketing knows and understands the sales funnel, you would perchance presumably well maybe presumably additionally no longer heed how your company’s sales process works. Focus on with sales first to bask in their process, targets, and solutions. Handiest then can you know how one can repurpose articulate to meet their needs.
  2. Define the card sooner than repurposing: Since every card is varied, they’ll accept as true with varied data. An account for will preserve you on song as you repurpose and verify you don’t embody extra facts that’s no longer linked.
  3. Focal point on the success of the likelihood/customer: Understand what style of sales grief the card is supposed to deal with and embody most lively linked articulate for it. As an illustration, competitor-explicit cards must peaceable most lively embody facts and data pertinent to that competitor, while objection-explicit cards must peaceable embody benefits and data linked to the objections.
  4. Lend a hand them short: Guarantee most lively to embody the a actually powerful data vital for that card. The cards are supposed to be a transient reference for reps on a call. So use tons of bullet formulation, charts, lists, graphics, and photography on the cards.
  5. Expend most lively updated articulate: Battlecards must peaceable always be in sync with market adjustments. When repurposing, guarantee to refresh data, stats, and varied articulate to guarantee it’s basically the most traditional and most obedient data. Talking about outdated-fashioned facts can purpose potentialities to lose belief in the sales win and the corporate.
  6. Analyze the facts to give context: Files with out context can confuse potentialities. Battlecards must peaceable embody data but approach with a aspect of context and linked diminutive print to point to why the facts’s critical.
  7. Lend a hand it conversational: Write the cards on your stamp’s style, tone, and relate so sales reps can read straight off the battlecard if they desire. Particularly, preserve this advice in mind when drafting any objection-countering articulate and industry benefits. Expend the linked language, words, and phrases that potentialities and customers use to aid them unconsciously align with the sales crew. Once they’re aligned, it’s simpler to compose the sale.
  8. Write two-sentence success tales: Repurpose printed case learn into short success tales that sales reps can retell. These are extremely fantastic tales for potentialities since they continually face identical challenges and can image themselves gaining identical obvious results.
  9. Add a lot of “golden” questions: Encourage sales look extra about prospect needs and hesitations by at the side of valid leading questions. Also customarily known as “golden” questions, these are originate-ended questions that secure the likelihood speaking and support them feel take care of sales has their most lively pursuits at coronary heart. These questions would possibly maybe presumably well presumably additionally accept as true with impressed the distinctive advertising and marketing articulate, so that they can now be incorporated in the battlecard.
  10. Dangle the battlecards easy to gain: Battlecards needs to be saved someplace easy for sales teams to secure admission to.

While the sales crew will seemingly be accountable for the reference to potentialities, sales is in actuality a crew effort. Marketing and marketing, sales, customer success, and customer make stronger all accept as true with a hand in guaranteeing customer cost with your products and transitioning them thru the client gallop.

Sales battlecards are very critical instruments for converting potentialities and leads into customers, but they don’t decide to be entirely owned and produced by the sales crew. Marketing and marketing would possibly maybe presumably well presumably additionally support repurpose their advertising and marketing property into linked and treasured battlecards. Likewise, sales would possibly maybe presumably well presumably additionally reuse varied sales articulate into battlecards—with a diminutive bit of support from this checklist.

Anybody who creates articulate to your company can use this checklist to repurpose their work into a sales battlecard. They’ll now know how one can rework the asset into linked articulate for the sales crew and better heed how sales makes use of them. By taking part across teams and industry areas, they’ll make contributions to overall industry success and better heed how they make contributions to it. All because they repurposed some articulate into a battlecard.

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