Steps To Becoming A Licensed Security Guard In Canada

Canada’s security industry employs over 100,000 professionals with many of those in high demand being qualified security guards. In Canada, to become a licensed security guard you must have completed an approved training program and apply to the provincial or territorial regulatory body (in Ontario, this would be the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services). Getting licensed isn’t as simple as getting certified however; there are some steps you must take before you can start working in Canada as a licensed security guard and they are outlined below.

Start Working on Your Licence

You are required to check with your local security regulatory authority to find out what the requirements are for becoming a licensed security guard in your province or territory. Next, you will need to complete a security guard training program that is approved by your province or territory. 

Once you have completed the training program, you will need to pass a security guard exam. After you have passed the exam, you will need to submit an application to the regulatory authority along with the required fees.

Complete The Physical & Health Requirements

The first step to becoming a licensed security guard in Canada is to complete the physical and health requirements. You will need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license. You will also need to pass a criminal background check. Once you have met these requirements, you can then begin the process of becoming a licensed security guard. 

Study For The Exams

Before you can become a licensed security guard in Canada, you must pass both a written and practical exam. The best way to study for these exams is to purchase a study guide and/or take a prep course. There are many resources available online and in libraries to help you prepare for the exams.

Get a Police Record Check & Attend Training

To become a licensed security guard in Canada, you must first obtain a Police Record Check. You can do this by contacting your local police department and requesting a check. Once you have obtained your Police Record Check, you must then attend a security guard training program. 


The next step is to take the security guard training course. This course will teach you the basics of being a security guard, including first aid and CPR training. After you have completed the course, you will then need to take the security guard exam. Once you have passed the exam, you will be issued a security guard license. 

There are many different programs available, so be sure to do your research to find one that is right for you. 

Know Where to Look for Jobs

It is an easy thing to do if you know where to look for jobs. Check out online security guard jobs at Indeed, Monster, and other job sites. You can also check with your local law enforcement agencies for jobs that are available in your area. Finally, you could get a job as a personal bodyguard or event security guard through one of the many private companies that are in need of security staff. There is no shortage of opportunities for qualified people who want to work in this field! You can visit the website below to see some available jobs as a security