Who Is Shontover Kirkland? Georgia Woman Sentenced To Prison For Manslaughter

Shontover Kirkland, a woman from Georgia, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to two counts of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of reckless behavior in connection with the deaths of two men in 2021.

Shontover Kirkland, who was 32 at the time, turned herself in to police in September 2021 to face charges for the deaths of Eynn Wilson and Edward Kirk Jr. on Clarks Hill Lake in Lincoln County. Because of a “prank,” two fathers died in the lake. She is going to prison for this.

The terrible thing happened at a boat party, and some of it was caught on camera. Before the judge sentenced her this week, she was arrested and put in the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Jail.

Shontover Kirkland

Shontover Kirkland

Who Is Shontover Kirkland? The Prank Video Has Gone Viral

Shontover Kirkland, a woman from Augusta, Georgia, admitted to being careless and killing someone by accident. She will spend a year in prison because of a joke that killed someone.

AP News says that the warrants say Kirkland pushed Kirk Jr. into deep, cold water without thinking about whether or not he could swim. This is said to have caused Kirk Jr.’s death. She is also said to have been to blame for Wilson’s death.

According to WRDW, the boats were tied together at Clarks Hill Lake on April 25, 2021. That day, she rented two boats. Edward Kirk and Eynn Wilson, who were best friends, were with Kirkland on the boats.

A Georgia Bureau of Investigation investigator testified in court that a video taken from the boat showed Kirkland throwing Kirk and a woman in a life jacket into the water. Kirk couldn’t swim, so Wilson jumped in to save him. They both struggled underwater, but neither of them made it to the surface.

A few days later, divers looking into the area found Kirk and Wilson’s bodies. Kirkland said she was sorry during her court testimony and said that the deaths were an accident.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation charged Kirkland with two counts of involuntary manslaughter and one count of reckless conduct after the drowning deaths of two Augusta men in 2021. Local news sources in the Augusta area say that Shontover Kirkland pleaded guilty to two counts of involuntary manslaughter on Tuesday.

The judge gave Shontover Kirkland a year in prison and nine years of probation.

Edward Kirk & Eynn Wilson Family Injustice Reaction

The men’s ways of getting to the lake are shown in different ways on the videos from the boat party. It looked like two boats were tied down next to each other in the water. Edward “E.J.” Kirk was pushed into the water, according to the video. Then someone yells, “They can’t swim!”

WRDW says that Kirkland told the families of the people who died that she was sorry for her actions, which led to these tragedies. People say that Krickland’s one year in prison is not enough for her family.

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