Who Is Diana Maria Riva Husband Mike Smith? Their Family And Net Worth 2022

Diana-Maria Riva is a talented actress from the United States. She is 53 years old and has wowed her fans with her great work.

Right now, her new American comedy show, “Gordita Chronicles,” which premiered on June 22, 2022, is getting a lot of attention.

So far, she has done a lot of work in the entertainment business in Hollywood, and her art has been shown in English movies.

diana maria riva abd mike smith

diana maria riva and mike smith

Who Is Diana Maria Riva’s Husband Mike Smith?

Diana-Maria Riva is a great actress and producer, and she is married to Mike Smith. Even though she uses social media a lot, she has never posted anything about her husband.

There are also no pictures of the two of them together. She is often seen with her son by herself, and the two of them have a very sweet relationship.

When it comes to the actress, she has a lot of experience and a lot of talent. She got her start in the business when she was just 10 years old and was in a national commercial for Mattel Toys.

She is an actress, but she is also a producer. Her short film, “Invisible,” came out in 2015 and was shown for the first time at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

She also appeared on Donny Osmond’s version of the game show Pyramid as a famous guest. She also played the main role in the 2007 summer show Side Order of Life.

Mike Smith Wiki And Bio?

Mike Smith may be running in his 50s, but we don’t know his exact age, bio, or anything else about him. His Wikipedia page is also missing.

But Diana-Maria Riva was born in the United States on July 22, 1969, in Cincinnati, Ohio. She went to St. Ursula Academy and the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.

In 1996, she made her first appearance on television in the show Common Law. She has also been a guest star on many TV shows, including Murder One, The X Files, The Drew Carey Show, Party of Five, Everybody Loves Raymond, Less Than Perfect, Castle, and CSI.

She had also played recurring roles on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and The West Wing.

She played Lieutenant Ana Ruiz in a Fox show in 2010. She also played Dan Stark’s boss in the Good Guys and Jack Bailey in the Dallas Police Department.

She was often seen in roles that were different and hard, and she never let her fans down with a bad performance.

She has also played Rob Schneider’s character’s mother-in-law on the short-lived CBS sitcom Rob.

Job And Net Worth Of Mike Smith?

We don’t know anything about Mike Smith, so we can’t guess what his net worth is.

But Diana makes money as an actress and a producer, and her net worth is being looked at right now. Before, it was thought that she was worth around $3 million.

She has worked in the entertainment business her whole life, so it’s likely that she makes a lot of money from it.

She has been nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series and won an Imagen Award for Best Supporting Actress in Television for her role.

Diana has made a name for herself as a great performer in TV, movies, and theater over the course of an impressive career that spans more than 20 years.

Mike Smith and Diana Children And Family?

Mike and Diana Smith are lucky to have a son named James Smith. She posts pictures of her son on Instagram all the time, and when she isn’t with him, she misses him a lot. She is so happy to be a mother.

When Diana isn’t busy at work, she spends all of her time with her family. James is her son, and he lives with her in Los Angeles.

Diana is the daughter of Maria Riva and Chris Uhlenbrck, both of whom are from the United States. She was born in the United States and has a mix of German, Swiss-German, English, and Dominican Republic ancestry.

She also works to raise awareness about mental health and stop people from killing themselves.

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