What Happened To Good Morning Britain Weather Girl Laura Tobin, Is She Leaving?

Laura Tobin is a British meteorologist and broadcaster who has recently made her fans wonder if she is leaving Good Morning Britain.

Laura is an English broadcast meteorologist who works for ITV. Tobin worked for the BBC before joining the ITV show Daybreak in 2012.

Early in 2014, Good Morning Britain took the place of Daybreak. At the moment, Tobin gives the weather reports for the show. She is loved by a lot of people because she is on Good Morning Britain every day.

Laura Tobin

Laura Tobin

What Happened To Laura Tobin? Explore The Good Morning Britain Weather Girl?

After a wild night out with her ITV coworkers the night before, Good Morning Britain weather forecaster Laura Tobin woke up late on Friday and missed the beginning of the show.

The meteorologist was supposed to talk about the weather with Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard on ITV, but she forgot to set an alarm, so Charlotte Hawkins took her place.

Ben and Kate from ITV told confused viewers that Laura had overslept because she had been at the ultimate quiz show the night before with the Good Morning Britain crew. Charlene White from Loose Women and This Morning was also there.

Laura finally got to the studio around 7 a.m., a little worse for wear. She made a point of saying that the producer of Good Morning Britain was the reason she left the party earlier than her other coworkers.

Tobin showed the camera a plate of chicken nuggets and ketchup before trying to show viewers what was in her Good Morning Britain mug of Coca-Cola. But as she tried to do that, she spilled the drink on her desk by accident.

Will Laura Tobin Leave Good Morning Britain?

Laura won’t be leaving Good Morning Britain any time soon because she hasn’t said anything about wanting to quit.

When she didn’t show up on the show’s daily segment, her fans began to wonder if she was done with the show for good. But Laura’s plans were off, and after a night of partying, she forgot to set an alarm.

This made her late for the show, so one of her coworkers filled in for her. But Tobin will be back as a regular in no time and stay on the show.

Tobin was a guest on the BBC Radio 1 show Wordplay Bingo. In April 2014, Good Morning Britain took the place of Daybreak. Tobin is still the one who gives the weather reports on the show.

How Old Is Laura Tobin? Her Net Worth Explored

Laura is 40 years old right now. She was born in the English town of Northampton on October 10, 1981. Laura has a net worth of about $2 million, according to estimates.

She makes about $66,666.67 a month, or $800,000 a year. She is very skilled and has made a good amount of money over the course of her career.

In 2015, she was one of the finalists for a TRIC Award in the “Weather Presenter” category, but Carol Kirkwood won. In 2017, she was put forward for the same honor.

The indie label Saga Entertainment released the charity Christmas song Merry Christmas Everyone digitally on December 11, 2020. Tobin sang the song’s first words. He was back with The Celebs after the COVID-19 issue.

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