Snapchat: Delete ‘After 24 Hours Viewing’ Rule And Learn How To Vary Chat Setting?

Snapchat gives each of its customers with totally different features. Some people might not want to let the sender know when they read their messages, while others might want to keep a positive chat going until it goes away on its own.

But some customers have noticed that the “delete after 24 hours viewing” option for chat deletion has been automatically used on their chats.

Prospects who didn’t know what it was asked each other on Twitter if it was an alternative to the app. Even though Snapchat hasn’t fixed this yet, we’ll show you how to change your settings so that you can keep your chats for longer or delete them before 24 hours are up.



What is the ‘delete after 24 hours’ chance?

When you click “Delete Chats” on Snapchat, you have two options.

Most of the time, a chat will be deleted after every prospect has seen it and thought about it. But if you change the erase pointers, it might stop the chat for 24 hours and then delete it after that.

Snapchat is set up to delete all chats that haven’t been opened in 30 days.

The prospects might even be able to save a good chat by holding down on it. The background of saved chats is grey.

How to change the settings for chat

Say you’re having trouble remembering what you and a friend talked about buying a few hours ago. The “Delete after 24 hours” option is made for people like you.

Here’s how to change the settings for your chat:

Choose a conversation from your list that you want to save.

Press and hold until the chance to change the settings comes up.

How to fluctuate the chat settings?

You will find two answers to the question “When should Chats be deleted?” They are “After viewing” and “24 hours after viewing.”

If you want to keep chats for 24 hours, choose the second option.

Users take to Twitter?

On Twitter, many Snapchat users are talking about the above feature because it has been used in their chats without their knowledge. So, don’t get upset if this feature shows up in your app as well.

Just follow the steps above to make the change. In the meantime, here are what Snapchat users have had to say.

“It took me a long time to figure out why Snapchat decided to make every chat disappear after 24 hours,” said one.

Another person tweeted, “I was high. I thought I had changed the settings for my Snapchat chats so that they would be deleted after 24 hours. When I go to Twitter, I see that everyone is having the same problem. “Ummm, can we change this?

“Lmao, now all Snapchat messages disappear 24 hours after being read. This will make Snapchat a mess, but it won’t bring people’s best friends back.

“@Snapchat, fix this mess with how my chats get deleted after being viewed or after 24 hours. “LEAVE MY CHATS ALONE,” a client wrote in anger.

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