Jessie James Decker Family Feud Drama and Issues Explained, What Happened With Eric Decker

American country-pop singer Jessie James Decker got involved in a family feud drama. The singer has nothing to do with his brother Jhon James or with his brother’s wife.

Decker sings and writes his own songs. She used to be a reality TV host. Jessie also runs her own business. She got a job when she was young. At 15, she went to an audition in Nashville, Tennessee, which was her first time on stage.

However, she was turned down by a lot of country labels. In 2003, she found her way. She joined Mercury, Island Def Jam, Show Dog-Universal Music, Epic, and Warner Music Nashville in the future.

Jessie James

Jessie James Decker

Jessie James Decker Family Feud Drama?

Decker and his brother John James are in a fight. There didn’t seem to be much love between the siblings. He has put a piece of his life into the life of his sister. People say that the country singer doesn’t get along well with her family.

Also, their relationship has grown further apart. The singer and his brother and wife, Ally James, haven’t talked to each other in a long time. Her family members are fighting with each other. Also, John’s social media pages show that the statement is true.

On May 13, 2021, John talked about how they felt about her family. He has told them that there is no way they can stay in the same room together. He has no chance of working with his brother or sister. During the interview, the singer’s brother made it clear how close they were.

He has talked to the host of the Spillover podcast, Alex Clark, about how close they are as a family. Eric, who is married to Jessie, has never been close to him, and he has never been close to any of his other siblings. James’ family seems to stay as far apart as possible from each other.

Jessie James Decker Issues Explained With Her Brother?

Decker doesn’t like her brother at all. In 2021, he and his brother got into a fight. It became popular on the internet. Maybe John has said bad things about her sister on social media.

John has also talked about this on Instagram. On his social page, he has made sure that everyone knows about his personal business. He has also said something about the page for his wife’s boutique. Jessie touched her wife’s page, which got her deleted. If Jessie did it, he would not have left her sister.

Because of John’s wife’s boutique page, the fight between the siblings has kept going. Jhon thought that Jessie had to do something for the page that was taken down. John has also told the singer not to tell anyone about her family secrets.

Did Eric Decker Cheat The Singer Jessie James?

Eric Decker has talked about Decker behind her back and cheated on her. But it hasn’t been made sure yet. As a joke, the singer put the video on her Instagram. She has cut up a vegetable and told Eric what would happen if he cheated.

Followers said in the post that they had seen Eric hooking up with some women and that he was cheating on Jessie. Also, it said that the athlete was with another girl in September 2018. Some people in the club saw what happened.

Jessie and Eric got married in 2013 and had been together for a while before that. The couple has got gifted with three kids. Vivianne, Eric Decker ii, and Forrest are the beautiful gift held by the couple. These two are very open about their relationship and appear in the show Eric & Jessie: Game On.

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