Is Rapper Lil TJay Dead? What Happened To American Rapper Lil Tjay Shot Multiple Times? Video Viral

Is Rapper Lil TJay Dead: In today’s modern era where the crime rate in the world has risen past few months, it seems like the credit goes to the Hip Hop because just after the crime in the US is rising day by day, and most of the time the crime news such as a gunshot, and assault news does come from NY, CA, SA and so on other countries where Hip-Hop is all about gang culture? Well, recently, news has shaken so many people from toe to forehead that it was confirmed that an American rapper, singer, and songwriter, got shot numerous times during an attempted robbery.

Is Rapper Lil TJay Dead? American Rapper Lil Tjay Shot Multiple Times, What Happened To Him? Video Viral

One of the most loved artists in the rap scene Tione Jayden Merritt, known professionally as Lil Tjay, was recently found wounded with numerous gunshot wounds and booked after the rapper was charged with three counts of attempted murder, three counts of armed robbery, two counts of possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and fourth-degree aggravated assault. According to the reports, it came to know that the rapper was one of the two people who got shot in New Jersey on early Wednesday morning, and the scene just happened after the week when the rapper on his social media posted that it is going to be a good summer. Is Rapper Lil TJay Dead

What Happened To Rapper Lil Tjay? Is Lil Tjay Dead? 

One of the spokespeople for Bergen County said that cops responded to the call when it came to know that several shots have been fired at the location at midnight. Continuing the statement he said that when cops arrived at the spot they found 21 years old rapper along with multiple gunshot wounds, however, along with him they also found Antoine Boyd who also got shot but has only a single wound, and both of the boys were taken to the hospital.

However, it is not been confirmed what led to the shoot and what exactly happened there also, is Lil TJay fine? but some online sources have confirmed that the boy is in a critical situation and undergoing medical treatment. Later it came to know that that entire scene happened when a stranger later identified as Mohamed Konate tried to rob Lil TJay, Boyd, and a third person the rapper was with, 24-year-old Jeffrey Valdez. However, the rapper and his boys also replied in the same way with a gun but unfortunately, they had an illegal weapon and due to this Both Valdez and Boyd each had an unlawful weapon on them at the time. Stay tuned to get more updates on the news.

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