6 Purposeful Ideas for Marketers Who Work with Freelancers

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In 2020, there were 59 million freelancers working within the United States on my own, and that quantity is seemingly to develop with the onset of the True Resignation. Right here’s the correct news: freelancers can support supercharge your philosophize operations by providing a possibility to make philosophize at scale whereas minimizing the expense of hiring a fleshy-time worker.

A correct freelancer is worth their weight in gold. They’ll support you mercurial scale up massive initiatives and are functional for increasing effective philosophize that lasts. Nonetheless there’s really a discovering out curve to adding freelancers into your editorial workflow, so take into memoir these six principles for working with freelancers in essentially the most streamlined and atmosphere marvelous plot imaginable:

1. Rep sure to your wishes

First, be certain you realize what compile of philosophize you’re attempting to develop, and assess your contemporary skills to make that philosophize in-home. The place are the gaps? The extra right you are to your get dangle of priorities and boundaries, the better you’ll be ready to search out the freelancer you wish and reveal to them how they’ll best likely support you.

“Be thorough,” says Anna Schults Held, an skilled freelance writer, editor, and marketing consultant. “Put expectations and techniques of working upfront. Freelancers may maybe dangle to level-headed no longer prefer to develop strategic choices except that’s what they’re explicitly employed to retain out, so be as sure on scope as that you just can moreover. ”


Many philosophize managers safe success in increasing detailed finishing up briefs that files the freelancer. Thorough finishing up briefs pause too worthy motivate-and-forth, shorten the route of, and set apart money for every parties. Most importantly, all people can refer motivate to it at some level of the editing route of if there are any questions or disputes. Also clearly clarify (in writing) the closing date, flat charge charge, and notice depend as you bring the freelancer on board.

2. Streamline Your Processes

Rent a freelancer once, and probability is, you’ll rent one other. So carry out your self a opt and place your onboarding and off-boarding route of. When using Contently, that will seemingly be as easy as informing contemporary writers about your audience, mark convey, and philosophize map.

In case you’re no longer using the platform, you’ll seemingly prefer to make a to-carry out listing for the forms, files, and key insights you wish from contemporary freelancers. You’ll also prefer to handle sending out a contract, negotiating payment, and clarifying task particulars. And after the freelancer completes the task, take into memoir that you just’ll prefer to search out time for edits. You’ll also prefer to pay the freelancer on time. And whenever you intend to present feedback, add that to your customary working procedures as neatly. You’ll thank your self later for the time saved.

3. Preserve Flexible with Timelines

Most freelancers work for a whole lot of clients. Except they’re fully on board for a finishing up along with your team, they are seemingly juggling more than just a few closing dates that nothing about. So whenever you’re planning freelancer-created philosophize, develop room in your editorial calendar for a barely longer editorial timeline than you’d require for a workers writer.

“Legally, I will be capable to not utter a freelancer when or how to work,” says Melanie Padgett Powers, a freelance writer and managing editor for membership association magazines. “Nonetheless past that, it’s about admire. I take into memoir that freelancers are running their get dangle of firms. The finest relationships are when all aspects peep every more than just a few as companions.”


Divulge with the freelancer upfront about closing dates to be certain that that your turnaround time works for them. In case you dangle to fling the task, take into memoir providing a fling charge to memoir for the a whole lot of work they may maybe moreover dangle to place apart to prioritize your finishing up.

4. Observe for Consistent and Communicative Freelancers

A correct freelancer will provide consistently correct copy that meets the task particulars or philosophize quick criteria. Along with to, they may maybe talk after they’ve questions, flip assignments in on time, and address edits in a neatly timed and straight forward map. In two phrases, a correct freelancer is low drama.

“In spite of everything, I want a freelancer who has the experience we need, however past that, I need freelancers who develop my life easy,” says Padgett Powers. Preserve onto the freelancers who meet your standards by providing them normal work every month or providing feedback that reveals how worthy you payment their experience and techniques of working.

5. Provide Actionable Feedback

Repeatedly take into memoir that a freelancer is no longer a fleshy-time workers member, and so they produce no longer dangle the advantages of being on workers. With that in mind, you mustn’t robotically quiz them to support workers conferences or work on the turnaround times required of staffers except previously discussed. Feedback may maybe dangle to level-headed level-headed somehow remain share of your system in managing freelancers, however.

In general, it is wise to provide freelancers files about their efficiency and how they’ll strengthen, especially whenever you blueprint to work with them all once more at some point. In case you safe a freelancer you delight in, be certain to consist of correct feedback so they know that they are valued and most in type. Divulge this feedback in a correct now map at some level of the editing route of after the freelancer completes their task. In case you snatch to make investments in a freelancer on memoir of you peep them working along with your team long-term, explain them how to prevail within your world.

6. Lean Into Strengths

Correct corresponding to that you just may maybe maybe maybe with a fleshy-time staffer, plot discontinuance time to stare a communicative, low-drama freelancer’s strengths. Many freelancers reach to the table with deep experience in sure forms of writing or make. Use that to your team’s succor by tailoring assignments to their strengths and requesting (paid) memos that philosophize how that you just can moreover integrate their experience into your team’s workflow, even absent the freelancer’s presence.

The backside line:

Keeping correct freelancers in your arsenal pays immense dividends, nonetheless it’s as worthy about atmosphere your self up for fulfillment as it’s about looking forward to them to retain out their best likely work. Must you safe a correct freelancer, retain them close by providing actionable feedback and closing date flexibility. Offer mutual admire by acknowledging that they’ve more than just a few assignments they’re seemingly engaged on. Behold for their strengths and lean into them. Procedure up streamlined processes, and produce sure conversation and hiss necessities to the table. All of this may maybe moreover space you up for a plot discontinuance-plot discontinuance.

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