5 Ways to Grow an Target market for Your Podcast


Mat Zucker is co-lead of the world advertising observe at Prophet, and has helped manufacturers along side Johnson & Johnson and CIT Community open their first podcasts. He also produces two award-winning reveals: Cidiot, about transferring from the metropolis to the country; and Rising, conversations with advertising leaders on the components up, with Direct Agents.

Two million podcasts. 48 million episodes. The podcast shelf is that crowded, in line with October 2021 records.

In case you’re investing in podcasting as a part of your advertising combine, how can you make certain yours will destroy through? Let’s dive in.

Defining podcast success

“Breaking through” can indicate diverse issues depending in your targets. In case you’re searching to make verbalize of your podcast to grow your buyer sinister, then reach and metrics corresponding to downloads are paramount. If, on the opposite hand, you’re searching for to shift imprint conception, you might well perchance perchance seek for for improvements measured by engagement and educate-up learn.


Benchmarks for winning podcasts are decrease than you might well perchance perchance assume. Per Libsyn’s stats, gorgeous 123 downloads locations your show is in the tip 50 p.c of podcasts. Reach 2,900 downloads, and likewise you’re in the tip 10 p.c.

Per Brian Swarth, head of advertising for podcasts at Cadence13, Pineapple Side motorway Studios, and 2400Sports—three podcast studios owned by audio powerhouse Audacy—listenership is the predominant plot. As nicely as to downloads, success on Apple charts is a well-known metric internally and with industry partners. Swarth valuable that whereas the chart algorithm is mute barely opaque, he believes one key to hiking up the charts is bound: the fee at which of us educate and hear to your show, now not gorgeous the volume.

He also looks to seek for if the podcast is a a part of a broader conversation.

Upright 123 downloads locations your show is in the tip 50 p.c of podcasts. Reach 2,900 downloads, and likewise you’re in the tip 10 p.c.

“Is it relevant to the culture or propelling culture to development?” Swarth mentioned. “Our 70 over 70 podcast is a leap forward now not handiest on account of it was winning from a listenership viewpoint, nonetheless also on account of all americans I do know is speaking about it and media retailers had been eagerly keeping it.”

70 over 70


Tales in podcast experimentation

Jered Martin, co-founder and chief operations officer of OnePitch, a public relatives SaaS platform, launched his show Espresso With A Journalist in March 2019.

Coffee with a Journalist Podcast

Since then, it has grown from 5,000 downloads to bigger than 40,000 over higher than two years. Aimed toward PR, advertising, and communications consultants, Martin promoted the podcast where they were most active. “A host of our guests are on Twitter, and the of us that work with journalists are on Twitter,” Martin mentioned.

As nicely as to downloads, success on Apple charts is a well-known metric internally and with industry partners

“First we ran ad campaigns, which didn’t assemble nicely. With a little funds, our reach was stifled. We bought traffic, nonetheless it completely wasn’t converting,” he explained. Recognizing that folks were procuring for the guests, he shifted efforts to organic technique—along side SEO—which worked. Tagging guests who include sizable followings amplified reach, as did posting in substitute-whine LinkedIn teams.

By year two, OnePitch added a e-newsletter to promote new episodes and tease upcoming guests, all of which contributed to an uptick. Offering an evolved compare “made it simple for folks to command yes or no to listening,” mentioned Martin.

Andrea Kilin, world social media manager and executive producer of Discovery Matters, a podcast by life sciences chief Cytiva, also found venerable ways corresponding to paid social didn’t work in the origin. She and her team rethought how to form out phrase-of-mouth. The team tapped into Cytiva’s strong firm culture and requested its thousands of work-mates to allotment new episodes and abet source guests, which supplied sure momentum.

Discovery Matters

“The podcast is an expression of our curiosity,” mentioned Kilin. “It reveals why we end our job.” As a replace of barraging employees with more emails, the podcast has a real and active inner Microsoft Teams channel.

Diabetes Connections

For Stacey Simms of the Diabetes Connections podcast, success is now not measured by numbers, nonetheless barely by the impression she makes on these with Form 1 diabetes. To market the show, Simms centered on occasions as nicely as social media teams, threads, and hashtags.

She recommends heading off spamming these teams with episodes. As a replace, authentically catch, perceive the solutions of every crew, retort questions ,after which when relevant, allotment that you simply’ve performed an episode on that topic. “As your show will get more established,” Simms mentioned, “diverse of us will even level out your show.”

5 podcast increase suggestions for you

Here are 5 archetypal suggestions, with example ways. Each and each entails a likely and level of investment ($=low, $$$=excessive).

Approach one: The root markets itself

Procure an audience’s whine material need gap and the advertising will recall care of itself. What end listeners are searching to hold about? You might well perchance perchance perchance bet, or as podcast host and educator Will Francis suggests, verbalize audience learn instruments corresponding to Reply the Public, Buzzsumo, Google Traits, or Reddit.

One key early advertising decision is the show’s name, recognizing the mission of unveiling up in search results and directories. An weird name, corresponding to my podcast Cidiot, is much less advanced to search out than my diverse podcast about advertising careers I co-host with Josh Boaz, called Rising.


Rising Conversation With Leaders on the Way Up

Other strikes might perchance perchance be repackaging whine material as quotes and infographics, increasing a trailer, and building an electronic mail checklist for organic pushes.

: Extremely engaged, well-known audience; might perchance perchance grow slowly ($)

Approach two: throw money at it

Media use with paid podcast adverts will even be the quickest nonetheless costliest technique. Swarth sees this working in tandem with diverse approaches. With elevated awareness, he most often sees elevated conversion of paid adverts. Many channels bound paid advertising. Examples from an American Marketing Affiliation coaching session I recently attended were:

  • Overcast: Text adverts
  • Spotify audio adverts: 30-2nd trailer
  • Instagram: Teaser video in your next episode
  • Reddit: Sponsored submit in a relevant niche sub-reddit
  • Twitter: Sponsored tweet centered at followers of a identical, established show
  • LinkedIn adverts: Sharing what of us will learn

podcast growth strategies

: Safe audience built quickly, would require sustained efforts ($$$)

Approach three: be where the ears are

More and more reveals and platforms are providing up choices for diverse reveals to accomplice with them. Teams love r/PodcastGuestExchange on Reddit allow you to connect with diverse podcasts for appearances, and most podcast networks provide promotion ways. PocketCast paid placements, let’s dispute, provide facets that bound for a week and prices $2,000.

: Medium-size audience, likely highly engaged, decrease conversion ($$$)

Approach four: be where the topic is

This strategy markets to the passion. In case your show is ready tech, then retort a requirement on Quora. If it’s song, then salvage whine material for TikTok or sponsored whine material in a song e-newsletter. There’s also increase of podcast promotion or distribution by YouTube.

For her insulin-associated podcast, Simms is selling an episode about handling Halloween candy in a oldsters forum.

: Greater audience with elevated engagement ($)

Approach 5: third-birthday celebration vitality

Indirect works. Accolades are a tactic with third-birthday celebration endorsement. Cidiot numbers ticked up after winning easiest regional podcast in an arena publication and at any time when I’m quoted in media as an “expert” of transferring to the country.

As nicely as to getting employees leisurely the podcast, Cytiva’s Kilin plans to generate phrase of mouth through giveaways with listeners. 

: High of the diversity audience, likely gradual to manufacture ($$)

Finding your components

The acknowledge for advertising most new podcasts will most certainly be a customised recipe made up of a few of the above suggestions. There are a few advantages in the a few low-model ways, as nicely as about a of the elevated model investments, nonetheless it completely’s the nuanced orchestration of the gorgeous ones over time that can abet your show destroy through.

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